Why do we have a slot limit?
Protected Slot Limits allow the harvest of abundant small fish as well as some of the larger adults while protecting the more viable reproductive fish in the population.
It is important for all of us to follow the defined Protected Slot Limit of 24 to 36 inch northern pike on our lake. As the regulations state, you should immediately release any fish back into the lake that meet this size criteria. It is ok to take a picture or two, but you should get them back into the water as soon as possible and never place them in a live well. The same is true of any Musky under 54 inches; which we do not recommend keeping any Musky over the 54 inch limit. Practice CPR – Catch, take a Picture, and Release back in the water to be caught again.
The best method of handling larger pike and musky is once you get them boatside and get them into the net, keep the net in the water so the fish can still swim. The fish stay much calmer in the water rather than bringing them into the boat where they tend to thrash and roll and get entangled. Work on getting the hook out while they are in the net, or if the hook can not be easily removed just cut it off. Pick up the fish, get your picture and release back into the water.
We see far too many slot limit fish cleaned each week. We see all the fish that are cleaned and know that keeping these fish is far too common. We want to keep our fishery healthy for future families to enjoy so please follow the slot and possession limits.