With the temperatures increasing it is nice to see our guests relishing cool water and relaxing by the swimming pool. A game of Marco Polo may be heard or an excited scream as a kiddo goes down the waterslide for the first time.
At Mantrap Lodge we have many water activities to enjoy. Grab a kayak and explore our undeveloped shoreline. See a Common Loon swim next to you teaching its young to catch fish or watch a momma duck and her ducklings preen themselves on the beach. Maybe a paddle board, paddle boat or canoe is more your speed, we have those too!
Our upgraded Rainbow playground is up to the task of entertaining the kids this week and getting quite the workout, the tornado slide seems to be the favorite. Kids are enjoying the airplane teeter totter and parents reminisce of their childhood on the merry-go-round.
Borrow one of our bikes and ride around the resort or go on a long bike ride on the edge of the forest, maybe even catch a glimpse of a doe and fawn, baby turkeys, or even a black bear.